Professional Tax Planning and Tax Return Preparation Services

The use of commercial tax preparation software is no substitute for the knowledge and assistance of a seasoned tax professional, especially a certified public accountant. The tax laws today are complicated and unless your financial affairs are extremely simple, chances are you could be missing deductions and credits that you are entitled to. Your tax matters deserve the attention, service, and benefits that only a CPA can provide.

In order to do any tax planning or tax preparation work, we encourage our clients to keep accurate books and records which are current and up-to-date. We will also analyze your books or general ledger to determine if any adjustments may be necessary prior to any planning or preparation work being done. For tax planning, we will work with you on projecting out earnings and deductions to see where you will be at the end of the year.

Tax Planning

We perform tax planning and tax preparation work year-round, but at a minimum we encourage all of our clients to have a mid-year (June/July) and a year-end (November/December) tax planning appointment with us. This helps us understand our clients' goals and any new situations in their lives or their businesses. It also helps us educate our clients about any new tax legislation opportunities and/or risks. But most of all, tax planning helps us develop strategies and action plans to help reduce or minimize our clients' tax liabilities.

Tax Preparation

We prepare individual, business, partnership, and corporate tax returns. We prepare our clients' tax returns based upon the information supplied to us by them. We encourage every client to keep accurate books and records and to make sure they understand and implement any and all IRS substantiation requirements for the various deductions they may take on their tax returns. Unless a client specifically requests that we file a paper tax return, we file all tax returns electronically.

IRS Representation

If you are ever contacted by any government agency concerning your tax matters, your first call should be to us. Like attorneys and enrolled agents, CPAs have the authority to represent you before the IRS.

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